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How to Connect Thermal Printer to wifi Router

How to Connect Thermal Printer to wifi Router

Connect WIFI Thermal Printer Prepare Tools:

Printsetting tools.exe


1, Set the wifi info to Thermal printer,

1.1,Check your current local network ip segment, use the dos command line to check it , click” start”—type”CMD” to open the cmd.exe files----type “ipconfig”command(Figure01) to find your current local network ip segments(Figure02).

1.2, check the figure02, my ip is “”, then we can try to set my printer ip to  Notice: IP address is Composed of 4 segments, when we choose the IP address to Printer, you must keep the frist 3 segments same, such as my ip is,  I must set the ip address to my printer is, the 192.168.1 must same as my pc ip and the last segments must different and Uniqueness in your local network.

1.3,Connected the Thermal Printer by USB and Open the Printsetting tools.exe, such as Figure 03

After set the WIFI info, you can reboot the printer and print the self-test page to check the ip is set right or not .

How to Pirnt self-test pages, you can power off the printer and keep press the “feed”key on the printer and power on , after 3 second, you can release the feed key, it will be print the “self-test page”

2, check the Thermal printer connected success

Use the “Ping” command to test the printer ip, if connected success will show as Figure05,  if not successful, it will be Figure06, then you need to check your SSD and password again, notice the “uppercase” and lowercase

3,Installed the drivers and Create the LAN Port for Thermal printer

3.1,Open the driver”POS80SETUP_EN_20170715.EXE” and choose the Cable network----Click NEXT

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