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Top 5 to know how to work a cash register 2018

Top 5 to know how to work a cash register 2018

The cash register always use for cashiering on retail store and supermarket when the customer want to make the payments.

1, Newest Cash Register Component

Now the newest Cash register with a lot of peripheral equipment,

1.1, thermal Printer for printing receipt.

1.2, Barcode scanner for reading the products barcode to selling.

1.3, cash box for putting the cash and change of money.

1.4, Card reader for VIP Member system.

1.5, customer display (also like the screen now) to show total price and until price for customer.

2, Choose the OS for Cash Register

Cash Register is hardware, you also need to choose the right OS for your Cash Register, the General OS is windows and android system. Normally, the android system cash register is cheaper then windows system. But you need to choose a familiar system, that will be better operation.


3, choose the POS system for your cash Register

After you choose the right OS for you, then you need to choose the POS SYSTEM according to your OS.

Such as you choose the windows, you need choose the windows pos system. The system you can search from Google to choose online pos system or offline pos system. If you a small business store, recommend to buy a offline pos system, it will be cheap and all data are in your local.

4, Set the pos system to support your peripheral equipment, you can clicked the “setting” on your pos system to set it, there are just show the thermal Printer setting.

pos system

5, Add your products (PLU) to your pos system

You can add your products to your pos system after you installed the pos system into your OS,

You can use the scanner to reader the products barcode to add your products into pos system or lists all your products into excel then export into pos system.

andoid pos system

6, study the pos system for operate.

 Actually, after you add your products into the system, it will be can use it now. but for more convenient to operate the system. We need learn more about the system. That will be save a lot of time for selling.

If you are skilled use the system, it will be save 20%-30% time and cost,

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